A topic head is a title-only entry in a DITA map.

Usage information

The <topichead> element is a convenience element. It is equivalent to a <topicref> element with the following components:

  • A navigation title
  • No @href, @keys, or @keyref attributes

Rendering expectations

When the navigation title associated with a <topichead> element is rendered, it appears as a heading in a table of contents. In print contexts, it also appears as a heading in the rendered body content.

Processing expectations

Processors SHOULD generate a warning if a navigation title is not specified on a <topichead> element.

Specialization hierarchy

The <topichead> element is specialized from <topicref>. It is defined in the mapgroup-domain module.

Content model

<topicmeta> ?, ( <data> | <navref> | <topicref> | <ditavalref> | <keydef> | <mapref> | <mapresources> | <topicgroup> | <topichead> )*


The following attributes are available on this element: common map attributes, universal attributes, @format, @scope, and @type.


In the following example, the <topichead> elements provide titles ("Computers" and "Books") for two groups of topics:

    <topicref href="eniac.dita"/>
    <topicref href="system360.dita"/>
    <topicref href="pdp8.dita"/>
    <topicref href="hardback.dita"/>
    <topicref href="paperback.dita"/>