Key terminology

Certain terminology is used to discuss keys.

For the purposes of keys and key resolution, one of the following:
  • An object addressed by URI
  • Metadata specified on a resource, such as a @scope or @format attribute
  • Text or metadata located within a <topicmeta> element
A name for a resource. See Using keys for addressing for more information.
key definition
A <topicref> element that binds one or more key names to zero or more resources.
key reference
An attribute that references a key, such as @keyref or @conkeyref.
key space
A list of key definitions that are used to resolve key references.
effective key definition
The definition for a key within a key space that is used to resolve references to that key. A key might have multiple definitions within a key space, but only one of those definitions is effective.
key scope
A map or section of a map that defines its own key space and serves as the resolution context for its key references.