A topic group is a set of topic references that share common attributes and linking relationships.

Usage information

The <topicgroup> element is a convenience element. It is equivalent to a <topicref> element without a navigation title or @href, @keys, or @keyref attributes.

The <topicgroup> element does not affect the navigation hierarchy of the map.

Most <titlealt> elements within the <topicmeta> element inside of a <topicgroup> have no effect on rendered publications, but they can be used to hold descriptive information about the grouped <topicref> elements.

Rendering expectations

When a map that contains a <topicgroup> element with a navigation title is used to generate publication output, processors MUST ignore the navigation title and MAY issue an error message.

Specialization hierarchy

The <topicgroup> element is specialized from <topicref>. It is defined in the mapgroup-domain module.

Content model

<topicmeta> ?, ( <data> | <navref> | <topicref> | <ditavalref> | <keydef> | <mapref> | <mapresources> | <topicgroup> | <topichead> )*


The following attributes are available on this element: common map attributes, universal attributes, @format, @scope, and @type.


In the following code sample, the <topicgroup> element specifies common attributes (@audience and @linking) that are inherited by the topic references. The navigation hierarchy is not affected.

<topicgroup audience="novice" linking="none">
    <titlehint>Topics used only in "Getting started" material.</titlehint>
  <topicref href="getting-started.dita"/>
  <topicref href="basic-concepts.dita"/>
  <topicref href="cheat-sheet-reference.dita"/>