A long description reference is a reference to a textual description of a graphic or object. This is typically used to provide an extended description when the graphic or object is too complicated to describe with alternate text.

Content model




The following attributes are available on this element: link-relationship attributes, universal attributes, and @keyref.


This section contains examples of how the <longdescref> element can be used.

Figure 1. <longdescref> which references a local DITA description

In the following code sample, the <longdescref> references a detailed image description that is stored in a DITA topic:

<image href="llama.jpg">
  <alt>Llama picture</alt>
  <longdescref href="my-pet-llama.dita"/>
Figure 2. <longdescref> which references an external description

In this code sample, the long description is stored remotely, on a external Web site:

<image href="puffin.jpg">
  <alt>Puffin pigure</alt>
  <longdescref href="http://www.example.org/birds/puffin.html"