A section is an organizational division in a topic. Sections are used to organize subsets of information that are directly related to the topic.

Usage information

Multiple sections within a single topic do not represent a hierarchy, but rather peer divisions of that topic. Sections cannot be nested. Sections can have titles.

Note: For maximum flexibility in creating specializations, sections allow plain text as well as phrase and block level elements. Because of the way XML grammars are defined within a DTD, any element that allows plain text cannot restrict the order or frequency of other elements. As a result, the <section> element allows <title> to appear anywhere as a child of <section>. However, the intent of the specification is that <title> only be used once in any <section>, and when used, that it precede any other text or element content.

Rendering expectations

Processors SHOULD treat the presence of more than one <title> element in a <section> element as an error.

Content model

(Text | <audio> | <dl> | <div> | <imagemap> | <example> | <fig> | <image> | <lines> | <lq> | <note> | <hazardstatement> | <object> | <ol> | <p> | <pre> | <simpletable> | <sl> | <table> | <ul> | <video> | <cite> | <include> | <keyword> | <ph> | <strong> | <em> | <b> | <i> | <line-through> | <overline> | <sup> | <sub> | <tt> | <u> | <q> | <term> | <text> | <tm> | <xref> | <state> | <data> | <sort-as> | <foreign> | <unknown> | <title> | <draft-comment> | <fn> | <indexterm> | <required-cleanup> )*


The following attributes are available on this element: universal attributes.


The following code sample shows how element-reference topics in the DITA specification use titled sections to provide a consistent structure for grouping information:

<reference id="p" xml:lang="en-us">
  <shortdesc conkeyref="library-short-descriptions/p"/>
    <section><title>Usage information</title>
    <section><title>Rendering expectations</title>
    <section><title>Processing expectations</title>
    <section><title>Specialization hierarchy</title>