(Non-normative) Many current and past members of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee participated in the creation of this specification and are gratefully acknowledged.

  • Robert Anderson, Oracle
  • Deb Bissantz, Vasont Systems
  • Bill Burns, HP Inc.
  • Carsten Brennecke, SAP SE
  • Stan Doherty, Individual member
  • Kristen James Eberlein, Eberlein Consulting LLC
  • Carlos Evia, Virginia Tech
  • Nancy Harrison, Individual member
  • Alan Houser, Individual member
  • Scott Hudson, ServiceNow
  • Gershon Joseph, Precision Content Authoring Solutions Inc.
  • Eliot Kimber, ServiceNow
  • Zöe Lawson, Synopsys, Inc.
  • Tom Magliery, JustSystems
  • Chris Nitchie, Individual member
  • Keith Schengili-Roberts, Individual member
  • Eric Sirois, IXIASOFT
  • Dawn Stevens, Comtech Services, Inc.
  • Bob Thomas, Individual member
  • Frank Wegmann, Individual member

In addition, the OASIS DITA Technical Committee also would like to recognize the following people for their insights and support:

  • Silke Achterfeld
  • Robert Johnson
  • Jarno Elovirta

The DITA Technical Committee used the following applications to work with the DITA source:

  • Antenna House Formatter
  • Congility Content Server
  • DITA Open Toolkit
  • Oxygen Content Fusion
  • Oxygen XML Editor
  • XMetaL Author Enterprise

We are grateful to Antenna House for providing licenses for Antenna House Formatter, Mekon for providing an instance of Congility Content Server, and Syncro Soft for the use of Oxygen Content Fusion.