Linking and addressing terminology

Certain terminology is used for discussing linking and addressing.

referenced element
An element that is referenced by another DITA element. See also referencing element.
Consider the following code sample from a installation-reuse.dita topic. The <step> element that it contains is a referenced element; other DITA topics reference the <step> element by using the @conref attribute.
<step id="run-startcmd-script">
	<cmd>Run the startcmd script that is applicable to your operating-system environment.</cmd>
referencing element
An element that references another DITA element by specifying an addressing attribute. See also referenced element and addressing attribute
The following <step> element is a referencing element. It uses the @conref attribute to reference a <step> element in the installation-reuse.dita topic.
<step conref="installation-reuse.dita#reuse/run-startcmd-script">
addressing attribute
An attribute, such as @conref, @conkeyref, @keyref, and @href, that specifies an address.