Required cleanup sections are placeholders for migrated elements that cannot be appropriately tagged without manual intervention, or for content that must be cleaned up before publishing.

Usage information

As the element name implies, the intent for authors is to clean up the contained material and eventually remove the <required-cleanup> element.

Rendering expectations

Processors MUST strip this element from output by default. The content of <required-cleanup> is not considered to be publishable data.

Processing expectations

Processor options might be provided to allow a draft view of migrated content in context.

Content model


Any content


The following attributes are available on this element: universal attributes and the attribute defined below.

Specifies information about the origins of the content within the <required-cleanup> element. This provides authors with context for determining how migrated content was originally encoded.

For this element, the @translate attribute has a default value of no.


In the following example, an HTML document that used the <center> element was migrated to DITA. Because DITA has no clear equivalent element, the content is stored in <required-cleanup> until it can be marked up appropriately.

  <title>Using the display</title>
    <required-cleanup remap="center">If you cannot read
    your display, see "Adjusting the language setting"
    before you continue.</required-cleanup>