The <ditavalmeta> element defines metadata for use when processing a DITAVAL document for one branch of a map.

Usage information

Use the <ditavalmeta> element to specify the prefixes and suffixes that processors use to construct effective resource names, key scope names, and resource IDs within the map branch. The <ditavalmeta> element can also contain other information, such as navigation title, that might be useful for map architects but is not intended for rendering.

Specialization hierarchy

The <ditavalmeta> element is specialized from <topicmeta>. It is defined in the DITAVAL-reference domain module.

Content model

( <titlealt> | <navtitle> | <searchtitle> | <linktitle> | <subtitle> | <titlehint> )*, <dvrResourcePrefix> ?, <dvrResourceSuffix> ?, <dvrKeyscopePrefix> ?, <dvrKeyscopeSuffix> ?


The following attributes are available on this element: universal attributes (except for @conkeyref, which is removed for all elements in this domain).


See Examples of branch filtering for several examples of the <ditavalref> element.